What Makes People Switch to Reusable Coffee Cups?

Posted by Huskee UK on 23rd Nov 2020

When drinking takeaway coffee, reusable cups should be your number one choice. Reusable coffee cups help protect the environment, so you would be doing our planet a massive favour.

In the UK alone, people toss out more than 2.5 billion single-use coffee cups every year. They end up in landfills, polluting the environment and endangering the health of our and animal species.

Reusable Cup vs Disposable Cups

When making a reusable cup vs disposable cups comparison, it’s a no-brainer which one you should choose.

Disposable cups may be made from paper, but they have a non-biodegradable plastic lining. It’s time-consuming and expensive to remove it to recycle the cups. That’s why they end up in landfills, where they become a pollution hazard. They pollute the air, water, and soil, and often find their way to seas and oceans, where they harm marine life.

When you make a coffee cup reusable, you use biodegradable plastic that you can recycle and repurpose. Reusable coffee lids and cups also don’t have toxic chemicals, such as BPA.

So, if you care about protecting the planet, switch to reusable plastic coffee cups. There are also reusable plastic coffee cups with lids that are biodegradable and recyclable.

Now, let’s see why coffee shops and people are switching to reusable coffee cups.

Many People Are Environmentally-Conscious

The primary reason why people are increasingly switching to reusable coffee mugs and cups is eco-friendliness. They want to contribute to creating a healthier environment and building a better future by using various reusable coffee accessories.

It’s simple to bring a reusable coffee mug to a nearby cafe and fill it up with your favourite beverage, isn’t it? Are you already doing it or do you need a little nudge?

Lots of People Mimic What Others Do

When people see someone drinking their morning cup of Jo from a reusable coffee cup, they feel the need to do the same. They become more environmentally-conscious and want to get their own sustainable coffee cup.

That’s simply what people do. When something becomes more socially-acceptable, more and more people start doing it.

So, if you want to be more eco-friendly and inspire others to go green as well, get a sustainable coffee cup and show it off everywhere you go.

Many Consumers Don’t Want to Pay Extra for Disposable Coffee Cups

Lots of coffee shops offer discounts for their coffee reusable cups. However, those are typically about 20p, so they aren’t very effective.

Environmentally-conscious coffee shops are now charging extra for disposable coffee cups. That’s what motivates many consumers to switch to reusable plastic coffee cups and mugs.

Do You Have a Reusable Coffee Cup?

Reusable coffee mugs and cups are some of the best items you can use to play your part in protecting our planet. Have you already made the switch? HuskeeCup might be just what you need!

It’s a reusable coffee cup made from coffee husks. It’s BPA-free, durable, and versatile, and you can safely put it in a dishwasher.Thanks to HuskeeSwap, you can use Huskee perpetually by swapping your cup with every coffee order at participating HuskeeSwap cafes.

You can choose reusable plastic coffee cups with lids and saucers in two natural colours and three cafe-ready sizes. There are also cup & lid combo, 4-pack cups, universal 4-pack lids, and universal 4-pack saucers.

Become part of our HuskeeLoop and help us recycle our reusable coffee cups into new Huskee products. Head to your nearest Huskee location today, get your reusable coffee cup, and embark on a zero-waste journey!