Impact Calculator

Huskee Impact Calculator

Our Impact Calculator lets you explore the financial and environmental benefits of ditching single-use cups and switching to HuskeeSwap. Cafe owners can save on costs, workplaces can visualize its environmental impact, and everyone can be a champion for Reusables. Explore our tool and see how we can work together to eliminate single-use cups in your business.
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Duration of Calculation

Target reuse participation

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Dollars (AU)

Recommended Cups to Start

Cost and Savings

$ 14,976

Current disposable cup costs
(if no reuse)

$ 14,976
Disposable cup savings

(costs * % reuse target)

$ 3,156
Avg Huskee Sales Revenue
$ 18,132
Total Cafe/Venue Benefit

Enviromental Impact

Single use cups & lids avoided

78 trees
Trees Saved
190.08 kg
Single use plastic eliminated

54,593.28 mj
Energy Saved
2,995.2 kg
CO2 emissions (eq) saved

8,820 gal
Water Saved
480 bins
Waste diverted (vol)

708.48 kg
Waste Diverted (weight)

Methodology & Notes

  • Our calculator compares using a reusable cup to a 12 oz plastic-lined paper cup as the base unit.
  •  Data for calculator conversations have been sourced from internal and publicly available LCA and meta-analysis reports. Pricing and other conversions are regularly updated to match market conditions (last September 2023).

  • Single-use cups and lids avoided are treated as separate items; as they are often different materials, ordered separately, and have their own impacts

    and/or recyclability

  •  HuskeeSwap cafes on average generate $4,000 annually in cup sales with active promotion (source: internal sales data)

By using Huskee, I feel like I am part of something bigger than myself and doing good for the planet
Tami | Brisbane, AU