How To Open Your Own Coffee Shop

How To Open Your Own Coffee Shop

Posted by Huskee on 16th May 2023

At Huskee we are passionate about coffee and passionate about sustainability. Our HuskeeSwap cafes are a huge part of our growing global community of cafes and coffee drinkers who swap and exchange a single reusable takeaway coffee cup, reducing waste and protecting our environment. If you’re a fellow coffee lover and thinking about opening a café, there’s a lot to consider. With our years of experience, we have gathered some tips on how to start a coffee shop business plan and how to run a café.

Do your research and get clear on your vision

Like any new project, opening a café requires some pretty extensive research. Talk to other coffee business owners about their experience, what works and what doesn’t. Visit lots of cafes to get some insight into what you want your café to be like; the practical running of the space, the fun design features you might want to have and the type of coffee you want to serve. Who are your customers likely to be? Knowing this will help with everything – from opening hours to planning, menu creation and price points. The more you know, the more successful your café opening will be.

Write a business plan and choose your location

A business plan is essential for guiding you through each stage of opening your coffee shop. Your business plan should include an overview summary, a local market analysis, a marketing plan, details of the financials required to start and run a café, your financial projections and your location and lease strategy.

The location of your café can make or break the business. Spend some time in the areas you’re considering. Is there enough foot traffic? Are there other cafes nearby? Is there parking available? Is the location visible for passers-by to notice? All of these things can determine the success of your café. Always talk to a lawyer before you sign anything.

Find sustainable suppliers

Ahead of opening a coffee shop, make a detailed list of all the things you will need and then find good, reliable suppliers who fit with your business philosophy. At Huskee we supply cafes with our sustainable HuskeeCups, available in our café-ready range of sizes. Our wholesale accounts are easy to open and give you access to all of our cups, saucers and lids that are designed with you, the cafe owner, in mind.

Get creative and find your team

The design and layout of your café will help create a great atmosphere, allow for efficient workflow for your team and entice customers back time and time again. Know your values and sustainability goals. There are more customers now looking for cafes who make choices to reduce their waste output. Find a team that holds the same values as you and your customers. Along with great barista skills, a good induction and training system can help, with clear communication around what is important to you and your business.

Spread the word and open the doors

Connect with your potential customers. Social media, word of mouth, Google listings and online promotions will all help you in the weeks and months leading up to you opening your café doors. Sign up to HuskeeSwap and join our community of cafes creating a better planet by serving takeaway coffees in reusable HuskeeCups. Your customers can bring their reusable Huskee coffee cup with a lid back to the café and you swap it for a clean cup, heavily reducing the use of single-use takeaway coffee cups.

Be part of the change by choosing sustainable and reusable coffee cups when you open a cafe today. Discover your nearest HuskeeSwap café and HuskeeCup stockists right here