Why  use HuskeeSwap?

You just bought your first HuskeeCup!

You own it, so why would you want to SWAP?

You don't have to. You can use your HuskeeCup how you want (as a fave BYO cup for example). Regularly using a reusable is the most important thing.

For those looking for more convenience, HuskeeSwap is an opt-in, additional benefits to having a HuskeeCup.

How does it work?

First you need a cup

Simply purchase a HuskeeCup at your favourite HuskeeSwap venue or retailer, or online via the shop tab on our main page.

Find your nearest HuskeeSwap location

Locate your closest HuskeeSwap venue or stockist on our Find Us page or by downloading the free HuskeeSwap App.

HuskeeSwap is built for busy people, to make reuse convenient.

Your cafe will always have cups washed and ready - here are a few of the benefits of using the HuskeeSwap system:

1. Didn't wash your cup or left dirty in your car - simply SWAP it 

2. Don't want to carry your cup around in your bag - STORE it 

3. Forgot your cup at home or left it in the office or car - BORROW one

4. Track your impact and earn free coffee when you SWAP through LOYALTY features*

5. Always Swapping for a fresh cup = infinite ownership!

We want you to think of it as BYO with Benefits.

You may not want to download an App, and as always with our system - you don't have to. Without the app you won't be able to use some of the great features of HuskeeSwap above, but it is App-supported, not required by design.

*Loyal features available only at participating HuskeeSwap sites.

Maybe you like the idea of being part of something bigger, and the HuskeeSwap system is here for you! Here are other features you might like.
  • You can Swap your HuskeeCup for any size, depending on your mood and thirst. 8oz today, 12oz tomorrow. If your cafe has multiple sizes, Swap for what you want.
  • Like to know your impact? The new Impact feature will show you every time you scan a Swap.
  • By Swapping, any old or damaged cups will be retired and you always have a 'fresh cup'. Your cafe can return old cups to us for free.
  • Worry-free recycling! We created HuskeeLoop so that we can guarantee our cups get a new life by turning them into new products. How cool is that?

Can't Find a Cafe Near You?

If you can't find a HuskeeSwap  cafe close by, why don't you encourage your favourite cafe to join? It is great for you, and great for ther business.

They care about their customers (you) and most are already trying to do better for the planet. They may not know or have had the time to understand a Swap system and its benefits.

Refer them by filling out the form below and we will get in contact! Or you can print out the benefits flyer and give it to them for that personal touch.