Best Coffee Houses In The UK For Coffee Lovers

Best Coffee Houses In The UK For Coffee Lovers

13th Jan 2021

The United Kingdom is fast becoming a coffee house mecca, especially as the best coffee shops in the UK continue to prioritise reusable coffee cups and prove on the world stage that their brewing and roasting is on par with the masters.

When the coffee house arrived in the UK it presented an opportunity for the kingdom’s inhabitants to socialise outside of the pub. Cultivating coffee has been around for centuries, as has the coffee house, which reportedly arrived in the 15th century. Cafés and coffee houses do differ slightly, simply because a coffee house is usually dedicated solely to the creation of caffeine; the best coffee shops in the UK are no different, building whole menus to complement the drink.

Our favourite coffee houses also know that in the argument between reusable cup vs disposable cups, the former wins every time. Here, we present the best coffee houses in the UK to take your Huskee reusable coffee cup to visit next.

Origin Coffee, London

Origin Coffee Roasters’ Shoreditch cafe is a coffee shop which takes beans as seriously as one can. They’ve answered the reusable cup vs disposable cups debate by calling on the HuskeeCup as their single-use cups of choice. Origin also offers Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) accredited courses in both London and Cornwall for the blossoming barista in you. 

Quarter Horse Coffee, Birmingham

As the first independent coffee roaster and cafés in Birmingham, Quarter Horse Coffee knows their beans. From Kenya to Yemen, the roastery sources beans from every corner of the globe to give their fans a reliable brew. 

Papercup Coffee Roasters, Glasgow

With their door “always open to the coffee crazed”, this roaster makes a case for good beans and good food under one roof. 

Holy Shot, Bethnal Green

Sustainable coffee houses should all take a leaf from Holy Shot’s book; the café is not only part of our HuskeeSwap program but also boasts fully compostable takeaway cups, reusable coffee cups for sale in-store and all their energy now comes from sustainable renewable sources. A must-visit!

Small Batch Coffee Roasters, Brighton

This Brighton-based coffee house believes in a farm to cup ethos, only selecting the finest beans to be roasted in their bespoke gas-fired machines.

Pot Kettle Black, Manchester

Arguably one of the best coffee shops in the UK, Pot Kettle Black takes cues from Australia and New Zealand’s “ruthless” coffee culture, this brunch and brewhouse serves up the best flat whites and long blacks this side of the equator. 

NewGround, Oxford

In answer to Oxford’s burgeoning coffee culture, NewGround has popped up to fill that void and create work and retraining opportunities for ex-offenders from across the UK. Coffee house is where “expertly crafted coffee meets social responsibility”.

Established Coffee House, Belfast

This Irish coffee house takes beans seriously, even going so far as to provide their own merch, stock useful, reusable coffee cups and beans. Go for the coffee, stay for the baked goods. 

Brew Lab, Edinburgh

With a focus on single-origin specialty-grade coffee, this Scottish coffee house now also sells a variety of beans from their East London micro-roastery.

Kauai, Edinburgh

From 100% recyclable or biodegradable packaging to 1% food waste across all stores, Kauai has arrived in Scotland with an organic blend from Union Roast and offering HuskeeSwap at all 3 stores.

Colonna & Small’s, Bath

You’ll find a team of award-winning baristas on deck in this Bath coffee house crafting the perfect blend of beans. They believe in embracing seasonal growing so expect what’s available in-store to change weekly. 

For more on UK coffee houses that are part of the HuskeeSwap family or for any information on our reusable HuskeeCup range, from cup 4-packs to our universal lids and saucers, or our HuskeeLoop program get in touch or find a stockist near you.